Awareness Spotlight – World Diabetes Foundation


I’m fortunate to be aware of the many diseases that strike so many through my years of volunteer work. My latest endeavor is helping those be aware of what they can do to help those in need. I will periodically post organizations here to help raise awareness and compassion for those surviving with an illness. Just holding someone’s hand listening to their struggle can make a difference. If you know of anyone living with diabetes, I urge you to help support them in anyway. Below are organizations where you can learn and lend a hand.

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#WriterWednesday’s Winner – Jennie M.!

Congratulations to Jennie M. for winning a $50.00 amazon gift card! Very thankful to her thoughtful five-star review:

“I am a big fan of music and the references made to certain artists and songs brought me back to my twenties when the music was great! I had many laugh out loud moments with her dialog with her interns which brought me back to my internships and how carefree I was then. I guess you could say it was a bit of a trip down memory lane for me. There were times when I was Claire!!! Absolutely loved the book and looking forward to a sequel.”

Thanks to all the reviewers so far, and best of luck on winning the next contest soon! To participate, please add a review here:

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Top 70 Motivational Picture Quotes – QuotedPictures

Originally posted on Annie Musical / Broadway Tickets:

Best Top 70 inspirational and Motivational Picture Quotes from high ly shared on social media sites. make your mind pleasure feel Free.

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Flash Fiction Friday – Two Roads Diverged In a Yellow Wood… (Can they intertwine again?)


An excerpt from The Diaries Of Debra Westlake

Lately I’ve been thinking about relationships and how one minute you can be simpatico with your partner and then another minute become repellent towards each other? Why does this happen? Is the culprit communication breakdown? Or is it the moment when the person you love with all your heart hurts you with their actions or words leaving you feeling resentful and wary. There’s two ways the afflicted person can handle this: 

  1. Withdraw by not telling the person who emotionally harmed them how they are left feeling. Which in time then leads to an underlying bitterness that will morph into spiteful rage when provoked at any time.
  2. Express concern to the distressing person of what has caused you sorrow and what you both can do to avoid it from happening again.

In my experience having tried both, the second choice is more helpful in the long run but only works when the person that pissed you off is willing to work with you. There’s the ultimate problem… how many people do you know are hip and understanding to put forth great effort to make their relationship work positively? I can say I am but thinking back on my list of past loves, I usually didn’t have mutual courtesy in this department. Why?

I sometimes wonder if people I read about in the tabloids that get married after three months ever quarrel? Surely they’re doing something right to commit to each other after 91 days give or take. My marriage took place after a year and half courtship and boy, those were the days. Happy and too young to know any better. Then after our son’s 6th birthday the cracks in the wall started showing… inevitably I guess. Stubbornness on his part and a large dose of apathy on my end shot us right to doomsville; surreal because I wouldn’t have believed we’d wind up uncompromising pithy opponents instead of the supportive pair we used to be. But it happened and here I am, alone and I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad about it.

I don’t suffer from loneliness but I do miss the old me in the life I was contentedly living before this pressure-packed one took its place. Do I have any regrets? Yes. Probably the biggest one is not savoring the good times enough… always planning for the next day instead of absorbing the present one fully. Also, not being able to get my past relationship back to a complimentary state. Is there really a way to reconcile after the point of no return? Therapists would wager the possibility—anything for a grueling challenge to prove (to colleagues) their echelon through years of psychoanalysis. I’ll speak for the regular Joe’s out there… I think not; but there’s nothing wrong imagining the likelihood. Without possibilities and hope, you can’t have faith. Faith, now there’s a word. Probably best for me to tackle this one in another journal entry.

FYI – Author Interviews will return soon, taking a break to do volunteer efforts the next month or so; good news is I’ll still be posting here in the interim. Thanks for stopping by—have a happy-sunshine-filled weekend!


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Monday’s Motivational Quote…

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.” – Abraham Lincoln

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Author Interview with Amanda Marie


1. When did you start putting pen to paper?

In school. My eighth grade english teacher would have us write short stories, and I always had the highest grade. She was the first one to tell me I had enough talent to pursue writing. Officially, I began that venture a couple years later, and began writing my fantasy novel when I was 15. 

2. What’s your literary poison – prose, poetry, etc.?

 Novels. Fantasy specifically. 

3. Who is your favorite fictional hero?

Professor Snape. Sure, he was despicable, but everything he did he did out of love, even if he’d never admit it to anyone but Dumbledore. He truly loved Lily, and that’s why he kept Harry alive.

4. Which famous writer can you most identify with?

Can’t pick just one. I take inspiration and love three, specifically. Tolkien, and his world of elves and dwarves. I love the LOTR franchise, and I can only hope to achieve a fraction of it with my own elven worlds.  Stephanie Meyer of course. She broke all the vampire rules, and allowed me to really thrive and a couple of my characters were reborn because of her. And of course, JK Rowling. She’s the “normal person” story I hope to achieve. I’ve been in her shoes. Actually, I still am in her shoes. She started on welfare, I am currently until my stories break through. She inspires me to be everything I can be. 

5. What are your current projects? (*Include books, novellas, short stories, poems, blogs, awards or anything of interest.)

Several. I’m working on two sequels, to my two currently published works. I’m also working on two screenplays as well as editing for my fabulous authors. 

6. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book or writing piece? 

I don’t think so. I think they tell exactly the story I want. So far, the reviews are high enough they prove my point. :) 

7. Do you have any advice for other writers? 

Never give up, and don’t be afraid of rejection. I got many no’s and only one yes. That yes ended up bad, but it also made me realize I had a marketable piece. 

8. What were your grades like in English class? (A, B, anything less than this is shameful ;)

I wasn’t very good in English in school. I was lucky to hold Cs. It wasn’t until my Master’s program that I got 11 As and 1 B. These were specifically writing classes, but still challenging. 

9. How much research do you do for your writing?

As much, sometimes more, than what is required. There was a ton of research required for my historical fiction novel. Not as much for my fantasy, but some. Every project requires some research, it just depends on the subject matter. 

10. Do you write on a typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand?

Mostly my computer, but sometimes my iPad, and when I really can’t get anywhere I will use the good ole pen and paper, but mostly my computer.

11. What is the best advice you’ve been given? 

It wasn’t a direct piece of advice, but one of my idols is Aaron Carter, and shortly after I met him, he said, “Do You! Never let anyone tell you who you are.”

12.  What book do you think everyone should read?

Mine of course! :D But besides mine, there’s a book called The Secrets of War by Terrell Garren. It’s a historical fiction, but it’s based on true events in the civil war, and reveals the truths behind how the union armies treated, raped, and thieved from the south. Everyone should read this book!

 13. Two-part question: Do you play an musical instrument? And what instrument would you like to learn to play?

I used to play clarinet and timpani, but I can’t anymore. I had to have my wrist fused and it’s too painful to play now. I’ve always wanted to play piano, but I wouldn’t be able to play anymore.

14. What process did (or are you going) you go through to get your book published?

That’s actually a long story. The short version: my historical fiction book was accepted by a company called Publish America. I was very excited, and the contract seemed good, so I signed. the book was not edited, the cover was poor, and it was high-priced (24.95!). Needless to say, I was never going to sell a single copy. I pulled out from them as soon as I could.  I then found a place with a more traditional publisher, and things seemed to go well, but it turned out they were worse than PA. and I pulled out from them too. Both of these experiences proved to me that there were a lot of authors I could help keep out of situations like these, while discovering brand new talent too. Last May I began my own publishing house. Not only are my titles a part of this new Press, but so are 12 others, and more coming all the time. We offer professional editing, formatting, graphic design, and even book trailers, and the authors don’t have to pay anything into it all while earning high royalties.

15. Who would you like to change places with… i.e. live someone else’s life for a week?

My guilty pleasure: Backstreet Boys. I’d love to be on the road with them for a week. Let me be one of their wives for a week :D

16. If you weren’t a writer, what would be your ideal profession?

That’s a tough one, but I’d probably have to say marine biologist or marine trainer of some sorts.

17. Two-part question: Bill Murray or Chevy Chase? And John Cleese or Michael Palin?

Um…..none. Jackson Rathbone. :D Team Jasper all the way.

18. What’s your most rewarding literary accomplishment to date (one that just blew your mind!)

My publishing house and its first year success. We have nearly 800 likes on Facebook and haven’t even reached our one year mark yet!

19.  What quote do you live by?

Aaron’s: Do You! Never let anyone tell you who you are.

20. What would be your ideal writer profession ambition? (famous pulitzer prize winning author, successful self-published author as a day job, etc.)   

To see my works on the big screen, or to win an oscar for my own screenplays.

21. Would you like to ask me a question?

Team Jason or Team Killian? (and if you don’t know then you must read my book!)  Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Hmm… I’ll take a guess and say Team Jason and Edward. I will read your book and then answer again.

Thanks to Amanda for interviewing with me. Excellent accomplishments and keep up the fantastic work, Amanda! Please read her book and learn more about this gifted writer on the links below:

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~Amalfi, Capri, and the Blue Grotto~

I thank my lucky stars everyday being born into a family from the Amalfi Coast. If you want to take a trip to (one of) the most beautiful places in the world, go to Amalfi and drive along the Serpentine road to Naples and then take the ferry to Capri and catch a boat/canoe ride to the Blue Grotto… you can thank me when you get back.

Caveat: be prepared to gain weight from the most delicious fruit, wine, and food ever!










Amalfi 36

Blue Grotto



New author interview this Monday – avero uno splendido weekend!

Xo-Miss Montanino


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